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Festival de la poésie de Montréal


OK Stamp Press goes to the Poetry Festival!

Find us launching our first poetry collection and first solo author collaboration, Flailing Through the Light, by Stéphane Landry, at this year’s Festival de la poésie de Montréal! We will share a table with Montreal veterans Expozine at:

Marché de la poésie
Saturday 1st June 11:00 – 20:00
* meet the poet between 15:00 and 18:00 *
Sunday 2nd June 11:00 – 17:00
Location: the square just outside Mont Royal Metro (460 ave du Mont-Royal Est).

Landry is a Montréal-local who is constantly writing poems or fragments of observations in a small notebook. Flailing Through the Light is a vivid collection of over fifty poems from his archives, which capture a period of transition in his life. The poems offer glimpses of masculinity, love, anger, despair, and beauty, each considering its indexes and formatting on the page.

We will be distributing copies of Flailing Through the Light and other poetic OK Stamp Press things according to our mutual aid model. Landry chose to direct proceeds from his book to Open Door Books and Réseau d’information pour la réussite éducative (RIRE). Other OK Stamp Press projects will sell to support Palestinian solidarity efforts.

OK Stamp Press is a fluctuating collective of folks who believe in creating inclusive spaces for sharing language, ideas and creative energy. 

The baseline of this project is an annual publication conceived/or mentored by the core OK Stamp team and brought to dissemination-stage in exchange for evidence of donations to local charities in the reader-collector’s community. As such, OK Stamp always operates from a core of accountability for the land upon which it creates as well as that of its readers.

When time, energy, funding and desires align, OK Stamp is also a mentoring structure, a collective for words, and an education.

It focuses on supporting emerging writers, editors, writers, printers and designers gain experience in publishing and disseminating their work. Each project is a series of relationships that shape the final outcome to suit the needs of those involved and their constituencies. OK Stamp accomplishes a dual task: generating publishing records that open-up funding opportunities for contributors; bringing considered cultural work into your hands.

We use a mutual aid model for book and zine making that mobilises support in reader communities. All reader donations go to communities of their choice.

OK Stamp Press was initiated by maya rae oppenheimer in 2020.
M. Wright joined the press as co-director, in 2022. But really, she was involved all along.

Credit Roll

Our editors and content contributors

Our book designers, authors + editors
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Design Lab — Concordia University
For putting us in touch with our book designers, year after year.

maya rae oppenheimer (phd) is the founder and co-director of OK Stamp Press. She’s also a daughter, sister, aunt, plant-mother of Icelandic and Canary Islander descent who receives joy and financial remuneration as an arts writer/researcher/educator. She was born in Treaty 1 territory and spent over a decade living in London (UK). maya is now an uninvited guest on Kanien’kehá:ka territory where she preoccupies herself with writing as a social practice and the tangles of narratives that inform our worldviews. Experimental writing, performance, radical pedagogy, open-access publishing, DIY tactics and rogue archival gestures make up her tool-kit. maya joined the Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia University in September 2017 as Assistant Professor in Art History and is now active in the Department of Studio Arts.

M. Wright is co-director of OK Stamp Press. As a book designer and typographer, she has built a creative practice over the past 20 years that is rooted in collaborations with artists and cultural institutions, including museums, galleries, and academic publishers. Her book design work has received awards from the Type Directors Club, Print magazine, the American Association of Museums, the New York Book Show, the Chicago Book Clinic, and AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers. She is co-founder, with Kate Jarboe, of the queer-feminist art & design collective AK/OK, whose socially engaged artwork has been exhibited internationally. She is currently an affiliate associate professor at Concordia University, and holds an MFA in Visual Communication Design from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and an AB in Comparative Literature from Princeton University with a concentration in French literary translation.

Stéphane Landry joined OK Stamp Press in 2022 as their occasional French-language editor and proofreader. In addition to helping initiatives with their grammar – using his former journalist and radio-host chops – he also works as an educator in labour protocols, gets his fingers dusty digging for records, and drops crunchy music write-ups on Instagram. You can look forward to a poetry collection coming from Stéphane in the not too distant future. Follow him @plasticpalaceperson.

Catherine Toews provides digital & design support to OK Stamp Press. Tulip Tree Creative is Catherine’s one-woman design studio & small business, specializing in websites, branding & digital marketing for small businesses, creators and nonprofits. FLORA editions is the artistic branch of Tulip Tree Creative, a collection of archival quality art cards featuring Catherine’s botanical & portrait drawings.


To acquire one of our books, please:

1. Send us an email to okstamppress@gmail.com that mentions which book you would like and an address for its receipt. 

2. Please, include a screenshot or mention where you sent your donation (no retroactive donations, please. This is a project meant to generate on-going support for those in need). If you are not sure where to donate, we are happy to share suggestions. We keep a list of consented recipients for each publication.

3. Keep an eye on the mail! And feel free to let us know what you think of the book or this project. We are always open to feedback and pitches.

Flailing Through the Light

Recommended minimum donation price:

$20 CAD

Send documentation of a donation to a local cause of your choice, along with a shipping address, and we will mail you a copy.

  • Publication Date: May 2024
  • Designer: M Wright + maya rae oppenheimer
  • Printer: Book Arts
  • Editor: maya rae oppenheimer
  • Conceived and distributed by OK Stamp Press

méli-mélo MAUREEN party mix

This project is what it says it is! A delicious mix of writing, images, and things in between. Developed in conversation with the MFA Program’s student association at Concordia University, this project accompanied the annual graduate student group exhibition “Maureen”. Each contributor has a different size and textured paper to accompany their work, and readers can browse the collection using different indexes: artist name, keyword, or a dip-in-and-out approach for party-mix enthusiasts. It’s all wrapped up in a suitably shimmering cover.

Recommended minimum donation price:

$25 CAD

Send documentation of a donation to a local cause of your choice along with a shipping address, and we will mail you a copy.

Epistolary Webs:

A Transcript of a Roundtable Conversation

Epistolary Webs: A Transcript of a Roundtable Conversation is a zine that circulates the perspectives shared at an event hosted by OK Stamp Press for Volume 5, in 2022. The contributing guests share their knowledge and perspectives on solidarity work with friends and community members. From how to correspond, advocate, and share stories with incarcerated people, this text is a learning resource and a generosity. The transcript will also feature in the upcoming Epistolary Webs book collection that features a range of donated letters and letter-shaped things from kindreds around the world (forthcoming December 2023).

Recommended minimum donation price:

$15 CAD

Send documentation of a donation to a local cause of your choice along with a shipping address, and we will mail you a copy.

  • Publication Date: December 2022
  • Designer: M. Wright
  • Printer: OK Stamp Press
  • Editor: maya rae oppenheimer
  • Contributors: Mark Menjivar, Scott Odierno, Maggie Smith, maya rae oppenheimer, M. Wright
  • Conceived and distributed by OK Stamp Press


A limited edition artist/writers’ book, drifts is designed to support the very action named in its title. Hand bound with unique foldouts, page cuts and spacious typography, the creative and critical writing is an eponymous invitation. Published in a non-hierarchical format, each engagement is akin to an invitation to consider positionality, relationships to land and city, and writing as a gesture of physical or embodied drifting. Handbound.

Recommended minimum donation price:

$35 CAD

Send documentation of a donation to a local cause of your choice along with a shipping address, and we will mail you a copy.

  • Publication Date: May 2021
  • Book Designers: Kassandra Lévesque-Wong; Antua Handal; Daniel Cortes
  • Printer: Le groupe Quadriscan + handbound by designers and contributors
  • Contributing Editors + Project Coordinators: Georgia Philips-Amos; Stephanie Hornstein; María Castañeda-Delgado
  • Assistant Editor and Contributor: maya rae oppenheimer
  • Design Mentor: M. Wright
  • Contributors: Austin Henderson; Patricia Pérez Rabelo; Alexandra Nordstrom; Amelia Wong-Mersereau; Polina Lasenko; Jeanne Marceau; Jolee Smith; Laurence Charlebois; Noémie Fortin
  • Showcased in the group exhibition: “The Space-Between,” Department of Design and Computation Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University (June 2021)
  • Conceived and distributed by OK Stamp Press

Re-enactment Recipes

Re-enactment Recipes gathers essays, photographs, drawings and creative writing in the form of recipes. These are recipes in an expanded sense: imagined sets of instructions, lists, and conceptual ingredients enrich this book, which does more than cook your weekday meal. In its pages, twenty-two emerging writers and artists share instructions for meals remembered and commentary on food, community and nourishment.

Recommended minimum donation price:

$25 CAD

Send documentation of a donation to a local cause of your choice along with a shipping address, and we will mail you a copy.

  • Publication Date: January 2020
  • Book Designers: Lydia Carignan, Auguste Courvoisier, Justine Provost, Unna Regino
  • Printer: Le groupe Quadriscan
  • Editor and Contributor: maya rae oppenheimer
  • Design Mentor: M. Wright
  • Project Coordinator + Contributor: Elizabeth Sanders
  • Contributors: Davika Khurana; Jeanne Gourd; Francine Chimpen-Carrillo; Liyang Shi; Noel Madrid; Tania Marques; Jolen Maclean; Jack Paisley; Victoria Gray; Kate Nugent; Daisy Duncan; Alaina Perez; Catherine Leblanc; Pashka Paskulin; Morgane Lecocq-Lemieux; Sophie Wonfor; Allison Figueroa-Rojas; Jessica Turcotte; Sony Cody; Helen Park; Doug Dumais
  • 2019 winner of the Design + Community Engagement, Department of Design and Computation Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University
  • Conceived and distributed by OK Stamp Press.

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